Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bye Bye Cellulite City

Cellulite city, fat dimples, orange peel, lumps and bumps, cottage cheese skin - the descriptive names go on and on and so does our moaning about it. 
How do we get it and more importantly how do we get rid of it?

Cellulite is mostly fat that has been damaged and is the result of poor circulation and drainage.  If you have an inactive lifestyle then the fibres in your body tighten their hold on fat cells which then leads to that ugly, dimpling cellulite.
So it's most fat people who have cellulite then.  False.  Many slim ladies have cellulite, Tyra Banks has admitted to having it.  And if we think celebrities are always looking perfect, then check out Kim  Kardashian below. 

kim kardashian Kim Kardashian Cellulite Pictures: Kim Kardashian Complex Magazine

What we can do to make it better

1) Body Brushing
- dry body brushing can help with circulation and leaves the skin softer and smoother.  Although it is a bit painful at first, it is worth it - I promise!
I get mine from Liz Earle, it has a long handle so you can get those hard to reach areas, but you can also remove it from the handle to do the backs of your arms.  Remember - always brush towards the heart!
Body Brush
Natural bristle body brush


2) Water - try and drink 1.5 lites a day.  Although drinking more won't fix the problem, it will help
maintain a healthy lymphatic system to remove waste products and keep water levels in your skin
at an optimum level.  Don't drink too much as swelling under the skin can make cellulite look worse!

3) Exercise -  working out improves circulation, removes excess fluid and tones muscles, meanin that skin will look smoother.  Again it won't get rid of that orange peel mess althogether, even athletes have cellulite.


4) Diet - 'We do know that anti-oxidants neutralise free radicals, which are implicated in the cause of cellulite and improve micro-circulation,' says Dr Dancey. 'Essential fatty acids, like Omega 3 and 6, are also anti-inflammatory and reduce cells sticking together.'  So healthy eating will help to prevent dimples.

Tired and Tested

I was reading through some health books and came across a "diet" that claimed to help with cellulite.  I am not fat.  My cellulite isn't that noticable if there at all (unless I poke, prod and squeeze to see the rippling effects).  So why would I bother with this? 

Reduced cellulite
More energy
Weight loss
Clear skin

Who wouldn't want to try it?! Plus you only have to do it for a week if you just want to do it as a detox.

What it involves
Eating only fruit and vegetables for one week

I found it hard.  Bread, pasta and generally any carb -I love. 
If you want better results you can carry on the "diet" for 3 weeks, slowly introducing fish, then meat then some carbs (sweet potato, brown rice etc)

What I ate
Soups (homemade) -Carrot and Corriandor
Leek and Potato (I needed some sort of carb!)
Butternut squash
Pea and Bacon
Smoothies - get some great ideas online to make
Fruit salad
Roasted vegetable salads

The results
 I did have a lot more energy
I lost 7lbs
My skin literally glowed
The cellulite prone areas did seem smoother


  1. Loved this post! Really helpful, do you have the link to the diet you followed? Your blog is lovely!xxx

  2. Hey Jess, I read a book by Liz Earle called ACE diet plan, really good! I read the book when I was working there. Have looked on amazon and you can buy it there. :) Hope this helps, if you can't find it I can go into the store and ask for the plan xxx

  3. I was reading an article on Cellulean reviews and they mentioned that there is no cream, serum or lotion that can get rid of cellulite. They suggest exercise, balance diet and dry brushing. I was wondering if there are types of brushes that works effectively with cellulite or I could just use any brush?