Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Grab Yourself A Mulberry Bag

Thrifting Tuesday - the day dedicated to cheap buys and bargains.

My absolute steals of ebay have been these two Mulberry gems.  A canvas holdall and a classic scotchgrain pocket bag. 

Both from ebay, the holdall cost £90 and the Scotchgrain came to £40!  Both came with dust bags and Mulberry care and authenticity cards.  I know people sell copies and fakes on ebay, and get away with it.  I have taken both into Mulberry shops to certify that they are the real deal.  Something I would recommend to anyone buying on ebay if you do want the real thing. 

Top tips for finding a deal like this on ebay

1) Shop at the end of the month.  You are more likely to get a good deal, before pay day when everyone is watching the pennies.  (Just make sure you save enough for the end of the month!)
2) Ask the seller for photos of the serial number on the bag. 

The serial number appears under the Mulberry tags

3) If the seller doesn't state why they are selling something, ask them!  I would want to know why someone is selling a designer handbag at pound land prices.

4) Research other websites for the same item.  This will help you to find out if it is authetic or fake.

What else I found...

This beautiful head piece by Crown and Glory is to die for!  £15 and a must have for spring/summer 11. 

I made my own the left using single flower hair clips. 
Henry Holland Tights £25.99, NewLook Tunic £7.00, Chain belt charity shop 50p

I love my floral NewLook tunic, £7.00 in the sale.  It's easy to dress up like in the photo above or you can dress it down with boots and coloured tights. 

Suspender look tights have been huge this season.  Henry Holland has designed some really cool tights for Pretty Polly such as the Gold Chain Suspender ones worn in my picture. 

If you don't want to spend £15 on tights, Primark do some good copies for £3.00

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